Assalammualaikum and Best Wishes to all

Woman Hijab Enterprise was registered on March 9, 2012 with registration number (IP0364814-V).

Woman Hijab provides a range of clothing according to Muslim Shariah. Our main products are Big Hijab and Long Shawl so that Muslim woman will be easily to cover their chest. As mentioned in Surah Annur  31, Allah asks for women to cover their beauty by putting veils and do not show their beauty to men who are not muhrim to them.

Our mission is to develop the Muslim fashion to the international level in order to facilitate all Muslim women in easily to find the perfect taste of clothes following shariah in line with modern century.

InshaAllah we are in planning to provide clothing for man and various items for the preparation of Hajj and Umrah.

We seek the blessing of Almighty GOD of our good intentions and genuine efforts and we hope that the message of Islam has flourished around the world and expand in the suburbs.



Admin / CEO
Woman Hijab Enterprise
Najm Al Amran